Lymington Pier

Who knew that a short branch line in the New Forest could bring so many surprises? I knew I still needed to get the Lymington branch and so did a Google search for pubs in the local area. If there’s ever a way to encourage someone to come and help capture stations, it’s the promise of a meal at journey’s end. Being late February, there was a quickly setting sun, so time was of the essence. So a quick chat with Echo saw us jumping on a bus, getting the train to Brockenhurst and then changing trains onto the Lymington branch. Since non-advance tickets allow breaks in a journey, we went to the end of the branch first, Lymington Pier, in order to make best use of the remaining light before breaking our journey home in Lymington Town in order to get dinner.

So we jump on the train and a few minutes later end up at Lymington Pier hoping to jump off the train, grab the photo, and jump back on the train for the return trip. Alas, this was not the case and for one strange reason. Lymington Pier has no station signs that we could find! We walked up and down the platform a number of times and found a distinct lack of signage. So, there was only one thing for it, grab the sign in the car park. The old British Rail Double Arrows sign. Once the photos were grabbed, we retreated from the cold in the waiting room for the Isle of Wight ferry terminal until our train came. However, this wasn’t the only surprise that was to be had that night…

*Update: According to a picture on Wikipedia, there is a sign. Or, at least there was a sign. A return trip is going to be needed to see if we can find it, or if it has been removed after the photo was taken.

** Update to the Update: This station was revisited on 21/10/2018. It has now been confirmed that the signs have been removed. There is evidence on the station lighting poles of where the signs used to be.

Other pups to visit this station:

Echo, Sparky, and Condor visit Lymington Pier station on 21/10/2018 to confirm lack of signage on the platform. Click to visit the Twitter post.