Another station, another pub. This time for a meal with a few pups. We’re not all raging alcoholics, promise. A meal was planed, a date was set, and as there were too many folks to comfortably go in the car, we all went by train instead. The group consisted of myself, Echo, Tubbs, Grey, and Emrys. While Emrys didn’t want to pup the station, everyone else did, and we got a nice group shot of pups invading the station. We then went and had a lovely meal. Coming back, we had to wait for our train home so got to explore the station a bit, and chuckle at how everything was chained down (including plant pots). Didn’t realise Netley was such a dangerous area. There’s a few stations along the line that need pupping, so I’ll have to go exploring along there one day.

Other pups to visit this station:

Condor, Tubbs, Grey, and Echo all invade Netley station. Visited 26/05/2018. Click to visit the Twitter post.