Goodge Street (Underground)

Not all outings for Pup All The Stations are to go to a pub. Sometimes they involve day trips to London to go shopping and to visit the Royal Albert Hall for a concert. Which was exactly the reason Echo, myself, and Emrys were in London. So, as shopping can take us here, there, and anywhere, we found ourselves suddenly at Goodge Street. A station which needed to be added to the collection. So it was. There’s always something fun about pupping out on London Underground stations. Mostly because you get so completely ignored. Londoners have truly seen everything, and the tourists are too busy navigating to notice. The hard bit is getting the public out of the way of all the roundels. But we got our shot, and then continued shopping.

Other pups to visit this station:

Echo trying to be cute at Goodge Street (Underground) station. Photo taken 30/05/2018.