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TigerTails Gaming Update

Xavier brining you an update on the channel, along with various ramblings, with a background of Borderlands 2. Also trying out his new equipment and setup.

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Fig Leaf Rag by Kevin MacLeod
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TigerTails Gaming Weekend is NOW!

Keep an eye on the Steam Group and Facebook Group for news as it happens as to what games are happening and when.

So far there has been some non-recorded playing of The Ship and a little bit of Minecraft. Recorded has been some Little Big Planet, and Borderlands 2. 😀

Shhh… Spoilers.

Preparing to film some test footage for something...

Preparing to film some test footage for something…

Steam Community!

Who has a community on Steam now? Go on, have a guess…

That’s right – we do!

If you’re a long-time TigerTails Radio listener who’s discovered our gaming site, or you’ve just discovered us though the TigerTails Gaming YouTube account or website, you’re all more than welcome to join our little group on Steam and play some games with us. It’s called TigerTails Gamers (aka Team-TTG), as that’s what we are – or at least that’s what we’re meant to be.

Click here, or the Steam Logo on the right to visit the group page and sign up, and then don’t forget to check in every now and say hi. Or check for new multi-player games, or something. Or even just a chance to meet up online and chat. Or lick wallpaper.

Look At This…

Welcome to the new direction of TigerTails Entertainment…  We’re proper gamers now, it seems.  This is the obvious “first post” post to the site, so there might be a bit of a delay in getting fresh, new content to you – but myself and Xavier are working on that score, and we’ll let you know the moment something fresh comes along. We’re just putting the throw pillows and scatter cushions (because everyone needs throw pillows and scatter cushions) out first.

Until then, please enjoy your stay here at TigerTails Gaming.

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