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TigerTails Gaming mini weekend

So we all thought it would be a good idea to play some games this weekend. So far we have played Tekken Revolution for 2 hours straight and had a brief flirtation with Artimus.

That today we shall be teasing some more game play for Artimus, so we can have some game footage, and jumping on The Ship.

We shall keep you all posted for those who want to join the crazy with TTG.

Minecraft Gaming Weekend

They loved games so much they spent an entire weekend playing them. The TigerTails Entertainment Group proudly presents, TigerTails Gaming and the Gaming Weekend.

We shall upload the big 3 games played, as well as extras, for you to see the crazy that was had. The only thing missing will be all the biscuits and coffee that was drunk at the time.

A chunk of Minecraft now from our massive session.

Minecraft Gaming Weekend part 1

Minecraft Gaming Weekend part 2

Minecraft Gaming Weekend part 3

Minecraft Gaming Weekend part 4

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