Archive for May 2014

TigerTails Gaming plays FTL Advanced Edition

Heading back to FTL, we find Xavier trying out the new advance edition. Just to see what the new features are like.

TigerTails Gaming plays Symphony

TigerTails Gaming goes on a musical bent and plays some Symphony. Special guest appearance by The Clarity.

Note: Sound quality was butchered by YouTube’s encoding, for reasons we’re not entirely sure.

Get music from The Clarity at their Bandcamp Store.

TigerTails Gaming PSN Account

Want to know when the TigerTails Gaming crew are recording something for the TigerTails Gaming channel on the PSN? Want to be a part of a TigerTails Gaming video? Add the PSN ID “TeamTigerTails” to your friends list to get a piece of the TigerTails Gaming action.

Check out the PSN profile here.

The first game for the TeamTigerTails PSN account has been recorded – DuckTales Remastered – and the video will be edited and uploaded in the near future. Watch this space.

TigerTails Gaming plays Awsomenauts

TigerTails Gaming takes the jump into 2D side scroller MOBA, Awsomenauts. TK, Xavier and Angeldarksong team up and rock out. Warning, may not be awesome.

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