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TigerTails Gaming plays Beast’s Fury – Pre Demo 6a (2015-02-07)

Join TK and Angel Darksong once again as they sit down for a 20 minute messing around with the latest build of Beast’s Fury, a new fighting game in development for the PC. This version is the fifth update of the pre-alpha demo and was released on Feb 07 2015. In this episode we have the pair feeling a little tired after recording an episode of TigerTails Radio and wind up showing off Vince’s Ultimate Finisher in its early stage and a few benefits of Fury Mode.

Beast’s Fury is a 2D fighting game involving anthro animal characters (think Brutal: Paws of Fury, only better), filled with hand-drawn character animation running at 60fps. Created by Ryhan Stevens, the full game will feature more characters and stages, fully animated cutscenes, online play, and much more.

Beast’s Fury website:
Beast’s Fury on FurAffinity:
Download the updated Pre-Demo here:
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Music in this video is all in-game apart from the following:

Music used in the credits:
Fig Leaf Rag, by Kevin MacLeod (

TigerTails Gaming Plays: Dying Light

Fancy some free running action with zombies and way too much heights? Xavier does, as he starts exploring the world of Dying Light.

TigerTails Gaming plays: League of Legends, Garen top

Xavier is playing League of Legends as Garen top as he starts on a mission to get to level 30. It was a good plan, was…

Credit music:
Fig Leaf Rag by Kevin MacLeod
Find at:

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