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TigerTails Gaming plays Chromasquad: Episode 1

Tiger stance HO! Xavier starts up his own TV studio and plays around with Chromasquad. Fights, minions, strangely appropriate character picks.

Credit music:
Fig Leaf Rag by Kevin MacLeod
Find at:

E3 2015 Podcast

The TigerTails Gaming cast, working for TigerTails Radio this time, have released their E3 podcast over on the main TigerTails Radio website. Join TK, Xavier, and Angel Darksong as they run down the main press conferences and give their opinions of what they saw. Certainly worth a listen to hear TK at least pretend to reign in his blatant Playstation bias just a little.

Click the link below to visit the TigerTails Radio website and tune in to the podcast:

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