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TigerTails Gaming plays: ToeJam & Earl – Episode 1

Join Xavier and TK as they take on another Sega Megadrive classic. Having crash landed on Earth, alien duo from Funkotron ToeJam and his buddy Earl must find all 10 pieces of their rocketship before blasting off back home. On the way, they’ll encounter all manner of Earthlings and hazards as they embark on their epic journey – and sadly all they’ve got to help them is the combined “skill” of Xavier (playing as ToeJam) and TK (playing as Earl).

In the first episode TK explains the game to Xavier and they start on their voyage, trying to make it all the way to level 6 of 25 without causing too much death along the way. Join them as they climb up in the world, and check out they mysterious secret level 0!

Music used in the intro:
Wake Up, by Jake Kaufman –

Music used in the credits:
Fig Leaf Rag, by Kevin MacLeod (

TigerTails Gaming plays: A Mystery Game (Episode 4)

Not quite a year since the last one, at least… This time TK has summoned Xavier and Hedgie together to revisit some ghosts of their past. This series started in 2016 would you believe (talk about a slow burn) and has seen the likes of Dalmatians 3, The 7th Guest, and most recently (or June 2018 as it’s otherwise known) Bishi-Bashi on the original Playstation. Now the length of time has been enough for TK to survive making the cast play another game, but what horrors or delights await them as another envelope is ripped open and its contents revealed.

Grab your popcorn, sit back, and laugh at the abuse TK gets as TigerTails Gaming plays yet another mystery game…

Music used in the credits:
Fig Leaf Rag, by Kevin MacLeod (

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