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Welcome to TigerTails Entertainment.

You might be thinking “well, there’s not much to look at here, is there?” – and you’d be right in thinking so. That’s because all the action is on the sites run by TigerTails Entertainment. This is merely a placeholder page until something more professional can be designed. So, enough with the reading of this text, and on with the clicking of the below links:

TigerTails Radio – Originally broadcast over Shoutcast, this live Internet Radio show now broadcasts over YouTube, complete with live video – though it’s mostly still meant to be background noise, like a proper radio show is. However, there are audience interaction games which you may want to pay attention to. The show has been going since July 20 2004!

TigerTails Gaming – Featuring livestreams, long plays, edited features, and even themed months occasionally, TigerTails Gaming is a relaxed look at videogames new and (mostly) old. With videos on games from the Atari 2600, right the way to PS4, there is a little something for everyone hidden within the archives. Well worth a look and explore. Primarily broadcast on YouTube, the site also has a Twitch channel, and a Steam group.

TigerTails TV is a YouTube channel which ends up being a bit of a dumping ground for things filmed and edited by TigerTails Entertainment which doesn’t really have a home on the Radio or Gaming sites. Also features content for TigerTails Radio which happened before TigerTails Radio really got a YouTube channel, including the three charity fund raising events for Comic Relief.

TigerTails Railway Videos is a YouTube channel for the rail fans, with raw footage filmed by TigerTails Entertainment being released for all to use under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution license. Videos can be taken using your favourite YouTube ripping software and added to your own projects with instructions given on each video as to how to credit the footage used.

Ramblings of a Grey Muzzle is our attempt at a podcast all about the lives of a bunch of old furries, with a combined experience of over 60 years within the fandom. Hosted by Xavier with the aid of TK and Hedge, the podcast allows the cast to talk in a way they aren’t really able to on TigerTails Radio. Edited by Hedgie, this podcast updates monthly and is available on all good Podcast Platforms.

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