More Problems

Now that TigerTails Radio has finished for Season 10, things can be worked on to fix some of the technical issues that has hit the website here, and elsewhere.

This is mostly caused by more domain issues. Plusnet are useless. After shutting down their domain registration arm, they then decided to ignore our requests to transfer to a different host. This resulted in the domains being moved to somewhere random, instead of the registrar they had claimed they were moving to. We are now on a mission with Nominet to reclaim the domains and move them to the correct host. During this time, the address for TigerTails Radio and TigerTails Gaming have once again broken. so in the meantime you can reach TigerTails Radio and TigerTails Gaming at the following URLs: – TigerTails Radio – TigerTails Gaming

Website updates will be sketchy at best during this time, as visitors to this page will have come to expect. However, things are in the plans to be done in 2018. Exciting times ahead.

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