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Let’s Get The Content Flowing.

It’s time to stop thinking about this site as a collection of static pages, and start updating people on what is going on in the TigerTails Entertainment Network. This is what those young people call progress, isn’t it? I’m not sure if I approve. Still, let’s roll with it and see what happens.


What’s Going On Here Then?

TigerTails Entertainment is changing from a static website to a WordPress site. This is to allow the main site to be more flexible than ever before, with content that is regularly updated – instead of the make-it-and-leave-it format of the site before. However, due to the blogging site Posterous closing, many other TigerTails Entertainment sites and blogs are also having to move – and they need to be all set up before work on the main site can properly continue.

So, instead of this page, why not go and visit a site that’s been finished and is currently up and running – TigerTails Radio, for example. There’s much more to look at there. Promise.

So this is basically an “Under Construction” page, thanks to changes having to be made to a live site – it’s not something that can be developed “behind the scenes”, as it were.

A Whole New Site

Okay, take two.  It seems learning WordPress is harder than initially thought.  We’ll get there in the end, though.  Promise.

– Thomas King

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