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State of the Union

Well, it’s been a while hasn’t it, website? 2019, the year this page finally sees an update. Only after, what? 3 years or so?

So what’s new? Who cares – there’s more important things to be talking about. Firstly, this site will soon instead be fronted by a static page linking to all the sites hosted on the TigerTails Entertainment Network. All the social medias and things will also be linked to, because that’s useful.

Secondly, there will be an effort made to try to get the sites up to date. Hence why this post is existing before the static page thing happens. TigerTails Radio always needs updating, TigerTails Gaming needs some content, and newcomer PupAllTheStations is an ever growing behemoth. All the station blog posts are done, and now it’s just the rest of the social media submissions that need adding.

Thirdly, and this might be obvious by now, the Done and Dusted blog has officially been retired. It’s been hard enough getting together bits for Done and Dusted during TigerTails Radio, and there wasn’t enough content for a blog about it. On the off-chance there’s another post, it’ll be on the TTR site.

And that’s about it. The only time the front page will be update will be with important news – which should be rare. This post will be left here for a little while for folk to stumble upon, before the static page goes live.

Until then, Happy New Year everyone.

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