TTEN Site Update – 08 April 2013

TigerTails Gaming:
TigerTails Gaming plays Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012 – Watch the dramatic encounter as Hedgie faces the mighty wrath of Angel DarkSong in a furious battle of wits and skills… Actually, Hedgie has some new fightsticks and asks Angel DarkSong to help “test” them. With added heckling from TK.

TigerTails Gaming plays FTL; part 2 – Join Xavier and the good ship TTR Studio 2 in the brave adventure across space as Xavier continues his series on the game Faster Than Light.

TigerTails Gaming plays FTL; part 2b – The second portion of the second part of Xavier’s battle against Faster Than Light on the “Normal” difficulty setting.

TigerTails Gaming plays Street Fighter X Tekken – Part two, really, of the Hedgie vs Angel DarkSong fighting game night. The second and final game of this impromptu mini-series. With the sticks tested, Hedgie fancies a change of game. Does he have a reason for doing this? Or does Angel DarkSong have a few fighting tricks up his sleeve to see off this new form of attack from Hedgie? TK doesn’t care, he’s still there to heckle the players.

TigerTails Radio
Season 7 Episode 21 Podcast Uploaded – With the studio falling down around their ears, watch (or listen) as the cast of TigerTails Radio battle on through to bring you this week’s episode of the show. Hear how Xavier overcame illness, and catch our thoughts on the recently departed Baroness Thatcher.

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