Gloucester Road (Underground)

As we zoomed through High Street Kensington (having already captured it) Echo and I stopped off at Gloucester Road. We were not ready for what met us. Having done some reading about the Circle Line before embarking on this trip, I knew a disused platform was often used for art exhibits – but I did not eggspect the cracking display we were about to behold. Art on the Underground have had the installation “my name is lettie eggsyrub” by Heather Phillipson since 7 June 2018. It’ll be there for a year, before being replaced by something else. It is all about eggs, and the artist using them as a metaphor for everything from the reproductive cycle, to animal welfare. It’s a speegtacular display. Okay, I’ll stop with the terrible egg puns now. Our next train soon arrived, so we headed off to our next stop, after taking a moment to stop off at South Kensington for some outside photos.