Emirates Air-Line

There was some debate as to include the Air-Line in Pup All The Stations or not, as technically a cable car is not a train. However, the presentation of the Air-Line is in a very TFL kind of way, so when Shades and I took a trip on it I ended up not being able to resist pupping each end. As you do… Well, as I do. Thankfully there are only two stations on the run (unless you watch Geoff Marshall’s April Fools video “Secrets of the Cable Car”), those being Emirates Greenwich Peninsula and Emirates Royal Docks. We started at Greenwich and took the ride over, sharing with another couple in the cabin. We did this in the late evening in August and the views of London at night were spectacular. Once at Royal Docks we hunted down a place to have dinner and came across a Pizza Bus! The greatest of things, as the staff were able to make me a cheese free pizza so I could eat without getting ill. Once dinner had been consumed we headed back to Greenwich – this time in a cabin to ourselves, which was even better than sharing – and to the tube home (as we were moments too late to get the boat). So while not technically valid for Pup All The Stations, I felt I had to add it somewhere. So check below for the photos:

Condor enjoys a night time ride on the cable cars at Emirates Greenwich Peninsula station on 03/08/2019.
Condor revels in his cable car experience as he departs from Emirates Royal Docks station on 03/08/2019.