Date Visited: 24/06/2018
While out running errands in the local area, myself and Echo decided to check out Marchwood station. Located on the Totton to Fawley branch line, Marchood station closed to passengers in 1966, but as the line was still used for the local MOD base and oil tankers going to/from the Fawley refinery the station, which also housed the signal box for the line, remained in situ. In 2016 the oil trains ceased, leaving the line open only for MOD traffic. The only other traffic the line sees is the very occasional heritage train – the Fawley Forrester in 2017 being an example of this. While the station is open to the public on days of heritage traction, it is very closed at all other times. This makes legal station access impossible without someone affiliated with Network Rail granting access (which is highly unlikely) or waiting until another chartered train comes along. As we don’t condone trespassing on railway land (seriously, don’t do it. It’s stupid, dangerous, and illegal) we had to settle with a shot on the level crossing to the north of the station. However, should there be news of another railtour going to Marchwood, I will try to make sure I’m there and get that shot with that all important station sign.

There is also local pressure to get the line reopened, with replacement stations at Hythe and Fawley, with a brand new one at Hounsdown. This is due to redevelopment work going on in the Southampton Waterside district, bringing more homes into the area – which means more infrastructure will be required to move them all around. Now that the Fawley oil trains have stopped, there is potential for this to become a thing. If it does, you can bet we’ll be there to pup them all.