One of the joys with being into railway photography is having a rather nice camera (camcorder in my case, as I film trains rather than taking stills) and therefore having an excuse to duck away from groups for a moment to “just photo/film that thing”. So when the trip to the Severn Valley Railway with my father was coming to its conclusion I was able to pop off and get some alternate shots from another angle. The angle being Kidderminster’s Network Rail station, and the alternate shots being a Pup All The Stations photo.

Weirdly, all the station signs were gold in colour, something I’d never seen before. If that’s normal for West Midlands Trains I have no idea, but that’s how things were here. What that did mean, however, is that lighting was a pain in the backside. The sun was in just the wrong position and so a few signs were rejected due to the sign being unreadable by the camera. In the end I settled for the position you see in the photo, and got the shot. I then attempted to film some of the SVR, but the sun prevented much of anything being any good, so I cut my losses and reunited with father to begin the drive home.