Pup All The Stations – And Barking (Overground): The One that Started it All…

Welcome to the website and photo journal for the Twitter hashtag #PupAllTheStations – a journey around the UK with Condor Briarpup and other human pups, getting mugshots at stations on the National Rail network. Because what else are you going to do when travelling around seeing all of the lovely places in the UK than take photos at the station in your pup hood?

This is the first image. The one that started it all. It was a sunny April day – the 21st on 2017 – and a trip to London with Bandit was decided upon in a hope to get tickets to see The Lion King. We took our hoods for the obvious photo opportunities, and made our way to Waterloo. Around halfway through the day, once the chance of getting tickets to see any Disney musical had been completely missed, the notion of taking a pup-related photo with the Barking station sign for the glorious irony and brief amusement. So a journey across London via tube later and the photo was taken after a search to find a half-decent sign that wasn’t so far up in the air it would be impossible to get into frame. The rest of the day was spent taking more photos around some London landmarks before the journey home. A good day out was had, and unbeknown to us, we had started something was to develop into this very website and Twitter hashtag.