Drayton Park

Lunch time! Echo, Hedgie, and myself alighted from our train and watched as the train’s pantograph dropped to allow it to draw power from the conductor rails instead. Without so much as a farewell, our train than vanished into the tunnels beneath London. Drayton Park was the first station to be above ground on this little trip, and had the distinction of being a changing point between live rails, and overhead power cables. Trains coming from Moorgate would wait a moment after letting people off/on, put the pantagraph up (with a little zzzap noise as it made contact with the overhead cables), and then sprint off towards Finsbury Park. Trains going to Moorgate would lower theirs, and then trundle down the tube. Once the station had cleared enough for us to get our photos (with yet another really awkwardly high sign, curse whoever keeps putting them up there), we decided to venture outside for lunch. Almost immediately after setting foot out the station, we were presented with a giant stone ARSE. Okay, it had a NAL following it, but still. We had bumped into the Emirates Stadium, home of the Arsenal football team. This had the benefit of having a pub right opposite it. Liquid Lunch it would be. Alas, the only food was bar snacks, but they kept us going – we knew dinner wouldn’t be too far away. Once refreshed, we pottered back down to the platforms to await our train to our final stop on the line; it was time to go back into the tunnels.