Leicester Square (Underground)

Mission: Capture the Pride roundels dotted around London on National Rail / Overground / Tube / DLR stations [Excluding any non-rail travel locations].
Date: 03/08/2019.
Location: London.
Number of Targets: 8
Secondry Mission: Capture non Pride versions of any station not already captured for Pup All The Stations, plus any intermediary stop used and not already captured.
Operatives: Condor Briarpup; Shades.
Time Limit: Until end of the day.
Mission Classification: Not Classified. Public posting encouraged.

All data recorded. Begin mission…

On a warm August Saturday, I realised that time was running out to capture the Pride roundels on the Tube network. Teaming up with Shades, in an effort to visit as many of them as I could find, I hurried some frantic Googling and then set off on an adventure around London. Our first port of call was Westminster, as the TFL website had the tube station listed as being one of the sites with the rainbow emblazoned roundel. This turned out to be Fake News, as Hammersmith (a station not on the TFL’s list) was the one that was showing its Pride first. So as Westminster’s tube roundel was already in the list of Pupped Stations we took a ride down to Hammersmith to get the first Pride roundel of the day.
Click this sentence to see the Hammersmith blog page for the Pride update (opens in new window). From there we tackled the roundel at Highbury & Islington, which was surprisingly easy to find… H&I became a small hub briefly while we tackled the next roundels but in order to do so, there was a spell of train changing that required a jaunt on the Northern Line, so we had a chance to grab Leicester Square station as we traveled. So the opportunity was taken while we went on to our next destination…

Other pups to visit this station:

Alpha Yolo takes a jaunt down to Leicester Square (Underground) station on 27/07/2019. Click to visit the Twitter post.

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