Camden Road (Overground)

With the walk from Camden Town complete, Shades and I make the journey to Camden Road station. The first Overground station on our mission. While we had seen the Pride roundels at other stations, we didn’t know what to expect at Camden Road as their roundels are printed on large white boards, but as stepped onto the platform, the roundel made itself very apparent. It was also on the opposing platform to the one we were on, but that wasn’t much of an issue as our next train was going from that platform anyway. So we made a quick transfer and soon had our photo. We then jumped on the train to Highbury and Islington (both to change trains, and to grab the Pride photo there) as we made our way to the next station in our list…

Other pups to visit this station:

Alpha Yolo also shows his Pride at Camden Road (Overground) station on 27/07/2019. Click to visit the Twitter post.