With trains every half hour, there’s not as much time as you’d think to stop and take in the scenery when station hoping, or at least that’s what myself and Shades found as we embarked on our no-longer-a-mystery tour towards Alton. However, that doesn’t make for very interesting blog posts. So we bounced off the train at Aldershot and watched it depart without us. Once the people had taken their leave of being in the way of our photo, we found a sign that wasn’t in too rough of a condition and grabbed our photos. This is the bit that can take some time, as sometimes stations signs can be covered in rust, tree sap, bird droppings, or just showing the signs of age and being out in all weathers. We found a reasonable sign, though. Before too long the train to the next station had arrived so we hopped on and flew away to our next station…

Other pups to visit this station:

Astro paid a night time visit to Aldershot station on 10/01/2020. Click to visit the Twitter post.

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