Old Street

This was a station that I was looking forward to. I had heard that some vestiges of British Rail still existed at Old Street, harkening back from the time when the region of BR known as Network SouthEast ran the line. I got far more than I bargained for. The station was in 2 halves, split from the tunnel roof, to the trackbed. On the platform half, it was like a typical modern(ish) station. On the wall half, a full track diagram of the line in NSE colours (and covered in dirt) was there in all its glory. There was also a smaller sign, also from the NSE era. So Echo and I got the modern sign for Twitter and the map, while I also captured the NSE signage for posterity (see below). Since visiting, I’ve heard that the station has had a facelift, and the NSE signage has been removed. If that’s the case, I can only hope the signage was preserved. Since visited, I have learned that had we come just 4 months sooner, the whole line would have been covered in NSE signage, and apparently the original NSE station signs are still there, with the modern signs just being a vinyl overlay.

Condor enjoys the Network SouthEast leftovers, now forming part of the station’s heritage at Essex Road station.