What do you do when you’re a human pup and you’ve been on a day of walkies (albeit with some train riding thrown in)? Shopping of course! Cosham station afforded us just the chance to do this. We took a few minutes to sit by the level crossing just outside of the station, on a handy bench. While I filmed the trains passing by, Echo and Shades took the chance to have a bit of a rest. And once I had done my filming and the others had enjoyed some relaxation, we hit the shops! One shop right in the middle of the high street is a sweet shop – a proper classic sweet shop. With fudge! Lots of lovely fudge. So I packed as much as the budget would allow into my pockets and we all made our exit. The temptation to scoff it all was strong, but we had a pub to get to for dinner so temptation would have to be resisted. We waited at the station for our train to the next stop before carrying on the journey.