The last stop of the day, and the one stop between us the pub. Shades, Echo, and I all poured off our train and onto the small platform, instantly realising we were in the middle of nowhere. This was fine, we easily got our photo without being disturbed. We then debated on waiting for the next train, or going for a walk and getting to the pub on foot. Echo, guided by Google Maps, deigned to be our guide and so we packed up our bits and went for walkies. Thankfully, it was a lovely day and so the walk was a nice one. There was also time to stop in places for a few pup photos along the way. After about half an hour or so, the pub came into view. We were a little early for food, but that gave us chance to get a tipple before the meal. Before long, we were sated, and made a slow walk to the nearest station to get the train home. A lovely end to a lovely day. Looking forward to a few more of those this year.

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