Falmouth Town

How can such a small station have such a big sign? This and many other questions remained unanswered as Hedgie, myself, Echo, and Sparky left the train in search of freedom, and the chance to see what remained of the Falmouth branch of the Loading Bar – a video game cafe. The stop by the sign was a bit longer than usual as it was close to the exit and the swarm of people leaving the train seemed to be in as much of a hurry as we were, but before long we were clear to get our photo. We then hit the streets. The Loading Bar was a now a closed down takeaway, but there was a lovely cafe and gin palace that had a couple of residential dogs who would go from table to table looking for attention – and getting it in spades. The all important purchase of Cornish Pasties was also made. Before too long, however, it was time to walk to the next station and await the train back to base, via a couple of stations along the way.