If Google Maps had ever come to the rescue, it was at Perranwell. The station with an hourly service, instead of half-hourly like the rest of the line. This would give myself, Echo, Hedgie, and Sparky the opportunity to explore that I like when doing Pup All The Stations runs. So as we bundled off the train and took in the lovely retro signage I was quite excited to see what the village had to offer. We took our photos and then headed out towards the main road. We were greeted with a road with little/no footpath in both directions, and a couple of bus stops. It was also a really hot day, and the need for something cold and refreshing was great. With no obvious direction to the nearest shop, Google Maps was fired up and guided us to the nearest shop, about 10 mins walk away. Cue the great trek. The road was lovely though, and the village was beautiful to look at, so it was a journey well travelled. Our reward was cold drinks and ice cream, which makes any walk in the sun worth while. Oh course, after all the walking in Falmouth, Hedgie and Sparky had gained blisters which were giving them pain so they were very glad to get back to Perranwell station. We were all less happy when the train to Falmouth malfunctioned on the platform delaying our train back by an extra 10 minutes or so, but it was amusing to watch the guard panic as he tried to solve the issue of the door that would not close. I was expecting them to have to detrain everyone and limp the unit back off to the depot, but the problem was fixed and the train made way for ours to take us back to Truro. A day of station pupping complete.