With our Cornwall holiday all but over, Echo and I decided that we would pup one more station. So we left Sparky and Hedgie in the car on the way home and rocked up at Lostwithiel station. Aside from a couple of railway staff the station was empty so we set to work. A nice big sign was there ready and waiting for us and it made short work of getting our photos. As we were finishing up and I was getting the selfie for the map thumbnail, another person joined us on the platform and started to ask us if we knew which platform and time the next train was heading for Exeter. We helped as best we could (with me still in hood to begin with, something this gent didn’t even bat an eyelid at), before I did something I’ve never legitimately done before. I used the help point. I was expecting a recorded message with the timetable on it, but instead actually got through to a human. A short conversation ensued and the information was gathered. Echo and I then headed back to the car with a feeling of having done our good deed for the day. The journey home could then continue…

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Echo asks for a treat at Lostwithiel station.