London Marylebone

Shades and I arrived at journey’s end rather cold and quite hungry. However, we had made it. London Marylebone station was an obvious choice for a pup visit, and thus had to be done “properly”. So off came my lovely warm coat, away went the cozy fleece under layer, and on full display was the pup shirt. Cue the pose, and finally the station had been captured. Thanks to the lighting, Shades opted to be the photographer rather than star in the photo and then insisted we go and find warmth, which was more than fair. So we went on the hunt for heat, and then went to head home. A somewhat cold, but fun, day had been had.

Other pups to visit this station:

Spot captured London Marylebone on 10/04/2016, more than a year before Pup All The Stations began. Click to visit his Twitter post.

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