Harrow On The Hill (plus Underground)

To change from the London Underground to National Rail, Shades and I used the Harrow on the Hill interchange. Thinking I’d have 2 stations to pup, I jumped off the tube train and started roundel hunting. But before I could find a good one, a realisation hit me. The National Rail trains were using platforms that also had roundels. There was no normal National Rail signage. This created a unique situation (or at least the first encountering of it) in that the blog and map entry will cover both stations with a single photo. Unlike Hammersmith (Underground) where we had 2 photos for a “single” location, now we had a single photo for two locations. Still, life is made of compromises, so we found a nice roundel and snapped the photo. We then hopped on the National Rail service to our final station to pup of the day.

Other pups to visit this station:

Shades take a moment in the winter sun at Harrow On The Hill (plus Underground) station.

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