Sometimes you see a station name that makes you giggle and so you decide you just have to make a special trip out to go and pup it. So when visiting Shades (before England gets any new restrictions) the opportunity to go station pupping appeared. One quick look at the map revealed that there was a station with a rather interesting, and long, name. Station decided, it was time to go pupping. Little did we know when embarking on this adventure that the day would lead us to pup many more stations, stumble upon a football team’s training ground, and face a race against time – and Mother Nature herself! So we hopped on a train to our first port of call where we would change trains to be on the line we were after. Guildford was this station. Quite the hub station it would seem, as many lines seem to converge here. I was yet to pup this station, so I took the chance to grab the first photo of the day. We then boarded our train… Or so we thought. After a while of it not going anywhere we realised we were on Platform 2 instead of Platform 1 (which was a bay platform hidden away around a corner) and that we had missed our train. Typical. Thankfully the wait was not too long and soon we were on our way to grab the station we had decided upon…

Other pups to visit this station:

Pup Astro captured Guildford station on 02/10/2020 and enjoys a night time photo shoot. Click to visit the Twitter post.
Pup Finn covers up part of the sign with an ear at Guildford station in a pic shared on 22/10/2021. Click to visit the Twitter post.

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