Highbury & Islington (Underground)

After jumping on the tube at Tottenham Hale, our next location is Highbury & Islington, mostly because it was another station to collect rather than anything else. That and there was an London Overground branded station to capture there, which would be the first one for the collection. Little did we know that the station is also a Network Rail interchange, so there should be some “normal” station signage to capture too. Tube trains were frequent enough that the steady flow of people would allow us enough time to grab some pup pics between trains before the station got too swamped with the public getting in the way of the shot. Once done, we popped upstairs to grab the Overground station…

Other pups to visit this station:

Pink Puppy Echo begs at Highbury & Islington (Underground) station.

Shades joins Condor at a Pride roundel at Highbury & Islington (Underground) station on 03/08/2019.
Alpha Yolo also visited the Pride Roundel at Highbury & Islington (Underground) station. Pic uploaded 27/07/2019. Click to visit his Twitter post.