Sloane Square (Underground)

Having had an explore at South Kensington (another station previously visited) Echo and I went and found the Thin House as well as grab a bite to eat. The Thin House impressively lived up to its name and the walk back gave us some lovely views of South Kensington station. The train journey to Sloane Square wasn’t a long one. Getting off the train and the first thing you notice is the lovely tilework. Actually, that’s something great about the Underground in general. Keep your eyes peeled in the LU network and you will see some fantastic examples of tiling all over the place. We also saw the blue bridge over the station that is actually not a bridge but the subterranean River Westbourne flowing over the line. The things the builders of the Underground had to put up with back then. We soon had our photos and had jumped back on the train, our next destination awaited us.